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blood on her skin; dripping with sin; LIVING DEAD GIRL.

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15 October
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hello kitty; matt good; green day; metal; punk; pink; benji madden; tiaras; jessica rabbit; jack off jill; jessicka fodera & the word cunt.


theifs; copiers; liars; pop; techno; bitches; sluts; hilary duff; panic! at the disco; fall out boy; scene & rap/hiphop/r&b.


rob zombie; metallica; jack off jill; scarling; the black sabbath; green day; avenged sevenfold; no doubt; the smiths; operation ivy; korn; disturbed; depeche mode; billy idol; flyleaf; she wants revenge; devo; chester bennington; 12 stones; the distillers; courtney love; nirvana; him; adema; ozzy osbourne; marilyn manson; pearl jam; the rolling stones; the who; sex pistols; grey daze; stone temple pilots; rancid & evanescence.


the nightmare before christmas; corpse bride; crybaby; pirates of the caribbean; phantom of the opera; brokeback mountain; titanic; the breakfast club; pretty in pink; rent; hairspray & fear & loathing in las vegas.


friends; four kings; danny phantom; will & grace; joey; mtv music videos; phil of the future & the suite life of zack & cody.

amy lee, aqua, badtz maru, bats, benji madden, bennoda, bettie page, big chunky boots, bile, billie joe armstrong, black, blink 182, blood, bloodlust, bondage, boy sex, brass knuckles, brody dalle, candles, captain jack sparrow, care bears, celeste, chains, cherries, chester bennington, chocolat, cleavers, corsets, cotton candy, cousincest, crybaby, cunts, cutting, dean yeagle, dolls, domina, dread falls, emcees, evanescence, eyeliner, false eyelashes, fear and loathing, fetish, garbage, gauze, gel pens, geri halliwell, ginger spice, glitter, glow sticks, good charlotte, greenday, grenades & razorblades, grey daze, gummi bears, gwen stefani, halloween, handcuffs, hello kitty, high heels, him, horrorpops, hospitals, hypnotiq, jack skellington, jacoby shaddix, jessicka, joel adams, johnny depp, kid vicious, kink, knives, lace, latex, leather, lenora claire, lilz, linkin park, lolita, lust, made, makeup, marilyn monroe, martinis, medical things, messy stench, mest, metal, mindless self indulgence, modeling, my chemical romance, needles, no doubt, pain, papa roach, photoshop, piercings, pin-ups, pink, pinup models, pinup toons, potc, punk, rachael hunnington, rachel varla, ramones, rancid, raves, razorblades, rion vernon, rubber, scarling, scars, sex pistols, shane glines, shedevilvixen, sid vicious, smashing pumpkins, spanking, spice girls, spooky things, stillettoes, syringes, tattoos, the nightmare before christmas, the pimpress, the used, three days grace, tim burton, tony lovato, twincest, twinsex, vampires, vanessa heart, ville valo, vodka, wade walker, yarn falls, zombies